Veronica’s Story

Veronica’s Story

Moved in June 2012

Veronica is in recovery from drug and alcohol use. She now lives at Moore Place and her life has changed for the better. She feels like a new person. For the first time in her life, she is proud of who she is and what she has achieved. She believes that God wants her to tell her story so she can help others.

Growing up, Veronica struggled at school. She could not tell time or count and always felt behind. She tried to fit in with others but couldn’t. One day during the ninth grade, Veronica got into a fight with a bully, and a teacher told her to go to the Principal’s office. Instead, she walked right out the door.

After dropping out of school, Veronica began to party every chance she would get. She was going to clubs and staying out all hours of the night, not going home for days at a time. She got pregnant when she was nineteen and after her son was born, gave up partying.

Problems began again when Veronica was in her early thirties and started smoking marijuana, doing acid, and drinking alcohol. She was working two jobs and had a place of her own but was in and out of jail. She lost her apartment and ended up living on the streets for nearly fifteen years.

The police knew Veronica by her street name, “Cookie.” She was raped and nearly murdered. One night, she sold cocaine to an undercover cop and was sent to prison for eight months. Veronica made up her mind that she was going to do something different – turn her life around. She asked God to take the desire for drugs away. She went to live at the Center of Hope Women’s Shelter, and then Monarch to work on her recovery.

Veronica has been at Moore Place more than three years. The staff are kind and willing to help her in any way possible. She is active in all sorts of activities – cooking classes, movie nights, card groups and bible studies. She spends time with family and mentors her grandson. Veronica’s two main goals are to learn how to tell time and count. Even though she knows it will be hard, she is determined to do it. Moore Place saved her life and helped make her dreams possible.

Photo Credit: Brad Overcash