HousingFest unites music lovers while supporting the Urban Ministry Center’s efforts to end chronic homelessness in Charlotte.


Urban Ministry Housing Programs

There are over 400 people dealing with chronic homelessness in Charlotte. The Urban Ministry Center works to end homelessness for these individuals through several initiatives, the most prominent of which is its Housing Program. Housing is not only the compassionate answer – it’s the cost-effective solution to homelessness. The average chronically homeless individual costs the Charlotte community $40,000 per year. But to house a person in one of UMC’s Housing Programs costs substantially less, at only $14,000 annually.

Urban Ministry Center now has over 350 people in its permanent supportive housing programs.

Because UMC is a leader in Charlotte’s efforts to resolve homelessness, HousingFest was born in 2014. $87,000 was raised in 2018–enough to provide a year of affordable housing with supports for six people who have experienced chronic homelessness!  Thanks to the dedication of our sponsors and festival-goers, our concert to end homelessness has raised nearly $167,000 since its inception.

May 1, 2019 saw another bold move–the merge of Urban Ministry Center and Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. More than ever, our new organization has the voice and the strategies to end homelessness, touching nearly 1,000 people each day with our continuum of services from street outreach to housing.

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